Best Point and Shoot Camera – Buyer’s Guide

Photography is an art based on focus, image quality, and one’s personal view. Finding a camera that holds all your preferred features could be a quite exhausting task especially in a market industry filled with many options but, what is the right choice out of all these options? That is why we created this list of best point and shoot camera 2019.

Best Point and Shoot Camera 2019

It must be said that the ultimate equation would be purchasing a good camera and not pay a ton of money. Most people would prefer snapping pictures with their phones instead of paying big bucks on buying a camera.

But, in this case, quality would be lost forever. Owning a camera not only save memories but, it’s a journey happening behind a lens in which you and the camera only exist.

Read more: Wikipedia’s page on point and shoot cameras.

Point and shoot cameras have changed the market over the last few years. While smartphones have slaughtered the entry-level field of point-and-shoot models that used to be a hit.

As result manufacturers have concentrated by putting extra efforts on adding more advanced features into cameras to make them more attractive.

Before buying a camera, it must be put into consideration; megapixels are NOT everything, there are other factors that should be focused on.

Listed below are the best point and shoot camera 2019 along with their best qualities and the suitable one’s for you to own.

1. Fujifilm X100F – Best Point and Shoot Camera 2019

If we must say, the award for best sleek body design would definitely go to the Fujifilm X100F, it is the company’s fourth-generation fixed point and shoot lens camera with an APS-C sensor.

However, it is not it’s only captivity. This camera bundles in many fitting features that certifies its exceptional performance.

Technology improves, and Fujifilm has, step-by-step, reworked, tweaked and refined most of the camera; Fujifilm X100F possess the same rangefinder design of its ancestors; 3.9 x 7 x 6.9 inches and weighing only 2 pounds, it was added an AF point joystick as well as an ISO dial on the top plate.

The 35mm focal lens is perpetual, as is the unique hybrid viewfinder and fixed 3” LCD and not to mention the 8-way focus lever in which the number of focusing points has been expanded up to 325 points.

Who is this product for?

The Fujifilm X100F is for someone who wants to photograph while traveling and not consume his/her luggage with the space of a DSLR camera.

This model is mainly made for street photographers who travel a lot and in-need for a swift and sleek product on their journey and give them ultimate experience.


  • The model design is sleek, easy to hold and wander around with.
  • JPEG and RAW formats retain fabulous image quality.
  • Astounding JPEG colors.
  • The tactile feel of the buttons feels delightful, they’re tight without being too rigid.
  • Improved speed of focus and operation
  • In-camera USB charging is provided.


  • The camera is a bit awkward to hold without a thumb-rest.
  • The camera has a non-interchangeable lens.
  • Face detection is not always unreliable.
  • AF speed is not up to modern standards.

All in all, this is an excellent point and shoot camera, very practical and perfect for street or travel photographers.If you’re searching for a suitable point and shoot camera for 2019 with great features and a reasonable price, then this is the camera for you.

Buyers’ Reviews:

The users’ feedback was highly positive, as it was agreed that for the camera’s price range and features, they were a perfect match along with the image’s quality.

There were a few complaints about how the face detection feature was not always accurate and needed some refinement, but with the sleek-easy design, it won everyone’s applause.


2.Olympus Stylus Tough TG-5 – Best Point and Shoot Camera 2019 for sports and adventure

In all red and black from head to toe, Olympus Stylus Tough TG-5 caught our attention not only with its smooth looks but also with its proof ability; we’re not talking about only water but also, freezeproof, dustproof, and shockproof. And the best part, anti-fog lens.

TG-5’s lens focuses down to 1cm/0.4 inches in its microscope mode, and it’s expandable with an extensive range of converters and accessories, including tele and fisheye conversion lenses, a LED macro light and a flash diffuser.

This model weighs 8.8 ounces and comes in 4.4 x 1.3 x 2.6 inches, it also provides a version of the Pro Capture feature seen on Olympus’ OM-D line of cameras. This has been added to help catch precise moments in action sequences.

In addition to GPS-enabling, it’s equipped with a temperature sensor, manometer and a compass, that allow users the option of sharing more detailed information about their images such as where these shots were taken at.

It also features Wi-Fi connectivity that eases the image transferring process. TG-5 did not forget about the video lovers, they included Ultra HD 4K video shooting mode to capture all the vivid moments.

Who is this product for?

The Tough TG-5 does not only endure the impossible on escapades, it prospers. This camera is made for the adventurous and the spontaneous photographers who live for climbing mountains, diving underwater and just who live their lives as stunt doubles, and love to capture all those glorious moments.


  • Rugged durable body design.
  • Sharp incisive quality images.
  • Various shooting modes.
  • Built-in action track sensors.
  • It can capture speedy bursts up to 20/fps.
  • Light-painting mode could not be easier.


  • Tracking log drains the battery life.
  • Extra batteries are needed.
  • Lens flare is not easy to control.
  • The Wi-Fi is primitive, it only works with cell-phones.

All in all, this is a great point and shoot camera 2019, the price is considered suitable for the offered features and performance, as said, it is perfect for anyone who thrives for adventures and in need for a camera that only have the body but also, the brains.

Buyers’ Reviews:

This product gained positive reviews from its users, it was agreed that the camera was excellent at having a tough posture, ability to survive underwater and capturing super macro images.

However, the Wi-Fi and battery life were not at the best standard possible but can be overlooked comparing to all its other great features.


3. Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 – Best Point and Shoot Camera 2019

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 is the best point and shoot camera 2019, it offers a 16.84-megapixel Micro Four-Thirds sensor, it’s metal-bodied, hefty and offers manual control dials that are quite rarely found in a camera of this size.

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 is a small but not pocket-able wise camera, it comes in 4.52 x 2.61 inches, 2.17 in depth and weighs approximately 14 ounces.

The camera’s effective pixels are 12.8 Megapixels, it’s optical zoom lens is 3.1x. It offers excellent shooting performance in terms of burst shooting, but it is a bit slow, it can shoot up to 11/fps.

The EVF’s color accuracy is not the best, but also not the worst; it could be extra saturated or over-egged contrast.

It contains Wi-Fi connectivity, letting you transfer photos to a mobile device, and control the shutter remotely which is perfect for stop motion animation.

There isn’t a built-in flash, but a hot shoe spot is provided for an external flash to be placed in.

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100’s grip may not be particularly large but its leather-effect rubber padding further prevents the camera from feeling like it will slip from your grasp in a strong wind or from standing in a wrong position.

Who is this product for?

This camera is suitable for the creative minded photographers who want to capture aesthetic shots and those who wish to capture 4k photos and videos.


  • 4K Video Recording Capability.
  • Fitting manual controls and buttons.
  • Exquisite image quality especially in RAW format.
  • Broad Wi-Fi options.
  • Effective image stabilization.


  • Lens range can be limiting.
  • No built-in flash.
  • JPEG images are hazier compared to RAW.

Overall it comes across as a great point and shoot camera 2019, elegant and classy in looks, and very easy to use.Also offering a tremendous mix of cutting edge technology, excellent image quality, and axiomatic body handling. It holds a great deal of features compared to its price.

Buyers’ Reviews:

This point and shoot camera received positive reviews from its users with its impressive image quality, ultra-fast zoom lens, to the excellent level of details. Despite its size, which is bigger than its other competitors, it won over everyone.

Watch this review done by Tested channel on Youtube.


4. Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II – Best Pocket Camera 2019

The Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II is the new stellar point and shoot camera with only 7.3 ounces, and weighing 1.2 x 3.9 inches; this model is ultra-slim and lightweight it can easily fit into one’s pocket with grace. It features a large 1.0-inch, 20.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor that helps capture high-quality images and videos.

Also, it provides noise reduction function even at high ISO settings to help capture sharp and detailed images.

It contains built-in Wi-Fi technology that can transfer photos and videos to and from compatible devices, upload directly to various web services and more.

In addition to featuring Bluetooth pairing that allows you to easily connect to and remotely control the PowerShot G9 X Mark II from compatible smartphones.

It has a versatile zoom lens with a flexible optical zoom range and the ability to capture unique videos with its full HD resolution. Adding more to its many features; the 3.0-inch touch panel is designed for easy operability, so you can make adjustments while still being ready to snap a photo, and with a 8.2 fps Continuous Shooting mode, you will never lose a memory ever again.

Who is this product for?

This point and shoot camera is best for anyone who wants to capture pictures without having to worry about the size of a DSLR camera. This product has a proficient grip, and an easy to handle control settings which would be very helpful for any beginner.


  • Small and practical body size
  • Provides the option to manually control settings
  • Touch screen is quite handy
  • High image quality
  • Improved Autofocus performance


  • Battery life needs extension.
  • Lacks a connecting usb cord.
  • Doesn’t have a built-in viewfinder.

All in all, this is one of the best point and shoot camera 2019, it’s a budget convenient choice, this product targets the enthusiast photographers that capture splendid images and create excellent memories.

Buyers’ reviews:

Customers were really satisfied with the performance and quality of this point and shoot point and shoot camera especially with its continuous shooting rate, auto-focusing speed and general all-round performance.However, there were concerns about its battery life being drained easily, this is nothing compared to its many superb features.


5. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX500 – Best Point and Shoot Camera 2019 for Vlogging

With being the smallest in size, Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX500 weighs in 8.3 ounces, it features 18.2 megapixel image quality, ensures high quality video capturing modes with minimal compression.

Connecting to other devices has never been easier, with just a slight click you can even transfer the images taken directly to your mobile device for quick editing and uploading with the help of downloadable camera apps. Introducing the memory recall mode that helps adjust and control the ring better.

Operating the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX500 is as simple as any other typical point and shoot camera, it’s processor is extremely fast which can snap a shot in a slightly lethargic 2 seconds, but it’s quick to autofocus.

Who is this product for?

This camera is suitable for the vloggers who travel and focus more on videos than images.

It’s for those who look for a product that fulfills their needs of capturing the beauty of places with enhanced features and on-the-go photo editing apps.


  • Portrait mode shows very little red-eye when using the flash.
  • The lens performs well whether using it at the wide-angle or telephoto end of the zoom.
  • Superb image stabilization.
  • Flip around LCD screen which will come in handy in taking selfies.


  • Privation of viewfinder.
  • It doesn’t shoot well in lower light conditions.
  • Loud noise when zooming in and out.

Overall, this point and shoot camera is a good product considering it’s price range, it’s compatible with one’s budget, and impressive in shooting Macro images.

If you’re a vlogger then this camera is the best point and shoot camera 2019 for you.

Buyers’ Reviews:

It was approved by this product’s users that this is a great point and shoot camera. It gained the praise of almost all of those who bought it. On the other hand, there are slight concerns about shooting in low light atmospheres but overall, this camera does a great job.


6. Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V – Best Point and Shoot Camera 2019 for Travelling

With a newly designed sensor that splurges a firm 20.2 million pixels, the Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V proves that it can blow off the charts with a new level of AF performance and speed to today’s point and shoot camera market.

It is equipped with a fast hybrid auto-focus system that ultimately enables the camera to lock focus in as fast as 0.05 seconds2, it ensures that shooters will be able to capture their intended subject with high speed and accuracy. It grants 20.1 megapixels up to 24/fps in continuous shooting.

You can now extract high quality stills from 4K videos or Full HD videos with ease. The product’s overall dimensions are about 4 x 2.375 x 1.43 inches making it a simple matter to slip it into a pocket for easy transportation, with a great thumb rest and an even greater body grip, this point and shoot point and shoot camera exceeded all expectations.

Now selfies have never been easier with a splendid fine LCD display that rotates in multiple angles making it the best replacement for mobile phones’ cameras.

Who is this product for?

This point and shoot camera is designed for street photographers who are in need of a quiet and non-threatening complex camera whether in size or options. It’s made for those who do not want to miss a “decisive moment” shot.


  • Vivid color settings that compliments the images.
  • Full manual controls and customizable menus.
  • Good ISO performance.
  • Classic and slender body design.
  • Superb video quality that comes in Ultra HD.
  • Excellent face detection feature that easily distinguish between children and adults.


  • No Touchscreen.
  • AutoFocus is not always precise.
  • RAW format converter must be downloaded.
  • An external charger is not provided.

In general, this camera is the greatest little camera, it delivers not only great pictures but also superb 4K videos. The compatibility, durability and photo quality make this point and shoot camera worth every single penny.

Buyers’ Reviews:

Customers were really satisfied with the performance and quality of the Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V, mainly for the reason of how simple it is and the conciliation of capturing a photo without having to be a professional photographer.

Apart from some complaints about the lack of an external charger and the absence of RAW format converter, this camera was very sufficient in the point of view of buyers.

An excellent in-depth review done by The Art of Photography channel on Youtube.


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