Best Vlogging Camera – Buyer’s Guide

  • By: John Lochert
  • Date: July 31, 2021
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Looking for the best Vlogging camera to start your Vlogging career?

Starting a Vlogging career needs more than just a camera!

And if you are thinking about having a lifetime Vlogging Camera then you have to invest in an outstanding camera to perfectly enjoy your experience.

It is not wrong to mention that these Vlogging Cameras are expensive but they totally each dollar.

They will provide you with a lifetime Vlogging experience with a guarantee of high-quality production. It is a winning investment in the long term!

Each user will find the type they prefer for their purposes with bearing in mind that spending their money means a good investment in a high-quality product, and a livelier experience with these great cameras for Vlogging to match your needs

Before buying, it is highly recommended to know exactly what are you going to buy and each product’s features and benefits thus, I am providing you with these reviews to help you choose better according to your needs.



Panasonic Lumix GH5 4K Digital Camera, 20.3 Megapixel Mirrorless Camera with Digital Live MOS Sensor, 5-Axis Dual I.S. 2.0, 4K 4:2:2 10-Bit Video, Full-Size HDMI Out, 3.2-Inch LCD, DC-GH5 (Black)

I bet choosing the best Vlogging Camera 2020 is not that easy, there are so many options out there, but The Lumix GH5 is definitely the one you are looking for!

The Lumix GH5 is quite expensive but totally worth it.

It has been upgraded by Panasonic to provide an outstanding imaging platform for shooters who require only the best. It is a photo-video hybrid that doesn’t cut corners to capture the most stunning moments.

This Vlogging Camera has been the most popular with amateurs and professional filmmakers as well.

The Lumix GH5 captures 4k video at up to 60fps smoothly. Its new 6k photo mode up to 30fps will provide you with stunning shots at 18 megapixels high-resolution. In video mode, the Lumix GH5 has accurate autofocus when using the tracking mode.

The Panasonic Lumix GH5 is provided with a great Digital Live MOS sensor to render high-quality 20-megapixel images.

While shooting the wildlife, the Lumix GH5 will provide you a quiet and fast performance allowing you to take stunning shots when turning on the “silent mode”.

Additionally, the Panasonic Lumix GH5 uses a Bluetooth wireless connection to your smartphone and Wi-Fi as well. Additionally, using the Panasonic Image App is an extra bonus that will allow you to refocus, adjust, view and transfer photos easily.

So, you are now having the unique equipment and the software to handle these files to let you enjoy a real-life experience with the Panasonic Lumix GH5.

All in all, this Lumix GH5 has the perfect package that you might ever need to perfectly capture lifetime moments.


  • 4K/60p video without time limits
  • Extraordinary video quality
  • Fast and quiet performance
  • 5-axis image stabilization
  • Large and bright EVF
  • Easy to control body


  • Area AF mode not as quick in video mode

In a few words, the Lumix GH5 is the perfect match for those looking for an all-in-one practical solution offering stunning shots!


2. GoPro Hero 5 – Best Vlogging Camera for Action

GoPro Hero5 Black — Waterproof Digital Action Camera for Travel with Touch Screen 4K HD Video 12MP Photos

Are you an adventure lover who’s looking for the perfect action camera? Then you must check the GoPro Hero 5; the best Vlogging Camera for action and adventure.

The GoPro Hero 5 is the latest from GoPro and definitely one of the hottest tech gadgets of all times. It is more than an action camera! You will be buying a solution for shooting, editing and sharing. It can shoot 12 megapixels and provides 4K video at 30fps per second.

The GoPro Hero 5 uses USB for charging and data transferring. It also provides an impressive two-inch touchscreen on its back to make the control and operation much easier. The GoPro Hero 5 has a high-speed memory card reader; besides, this GoPro Hero 5 Action Camera can listen to your own voice! Amazing, right?

The GoPro Hero 5 has dual microphones to clearly capture the sound not worrying about distraction or wind noise while shooting. It is the first GoPro Action Camera that offers voice control ever!

In addition, this outstanding GoPro Hero 5 is the first camera to have a built-in GPS for tagging or tracking where your photos were taken.

For adventure lovers, this waterproof action camera is perfect for taking shots while diving deeper than 30 feet. Additionally, the GoPro Hero 5 Action Camera has a linear field of view to remove the distortion you got with the wide-angle view. It is highly portable and perfectly stable while shooting!

Thanks to its new interface, using became much easier! And Supports up to a 128GB memory card which is way too perfect!

Along with all those features, the GoPro Hero 5 Action Camera is the perfect choice for adventure lovers to take the most stunning moments while climbing mountainside with stable scenes.

Tourists in the entire world are going crazy over this GoPro Hero 5 Action Camera as they can wander, explore, and capture every single moment during their experience.

The outstanding GoPro Hero 5 sounds a little pricey, but the footages captured are definitely worth it!


  • Perfect image quality
  • Waterproof up to 33ft (10m) – without a waterproof case.
  • Voice activation
  • Simplified design
  • Easy to use many of editing apps


  • EIS in 4K is not available
  • Editing on the desktop.
  • Battery life remains the same

To sum up, the GoPro Hero 5 is the best all-around action camera that you will thank yourself for buying it later on!


3. Canon PowerShot G7 X II – Best Compact Vlogging Camera

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Digital Camera w/ 1 Inch Sensor and tilt LCD screen - Wi-Fi & NFC Enabled (Black) (Renewed)

If you are looking for the Canon’s best Vlogging camera in 2020 to help you with your Vlogging experience, then the Canon PowerShot G7 X II is all you need; it is the best Compact Vlogging Camera for 2018 with outstanding key features!

Compact, lightweight, extraordinary the Canon PowerShot G7 X II is perfectly designed to capture high-quality photos. The G7 X II fits pretty well for all hobby photographers, other random videos, and vloggers as well. It impressively takes high-resolution images with high speed and continuous shooting.

The G7 X II is a little bigger than pocket-size but perfectly fits in a small purse. This camera is perfect for trips, photoshoots, and Vlogging.

It comes with a flexible tripod, SD card reader, and SD USB card reader. It also has all the features that you may ever need including a flip-up screen to view what you are shooting.

Additionally, it has a massive 20 megapixel one sensor with Canon’s new DIGIC 7 Image Processor that helps deliver exceptional image quality even in low light.

The Canon PowerShot G7 X II is easy to take control of thanks to its accessible buttons, dials, and rings; especially, the ring around the lens which can easily be set to rotate smoothly for a better footage.

Along with the mentioned features, it provides a 1080 full HD video recording in MP4 format with perfect stereo sounds. The built-in Wifi makes it more special to easily share your photos and videos.

From a performance perspective, the G7 X II has faster burst shooting. It takes accurate shots thanks to its zoom range and the autofocus is really quick and accurate.


  • Full HD 60p video recording
  • Large sensor
  • Touch-sensitive screen
  • USB charging
  • Fast AF system
  • Impressive image quality


  • Limited zoom range
  • No 4K videos but the videos quality are great!
  • No EVF

In short words, The Canon PowerShot G7 X II is an enjoyable camera and easy to use providing bright colors with a low light performance!


4. Sony Alpha A6000


Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera 24.3MP SLR Camera with 3.0-Inch LCD (Black) w/16-50mm Power Zoom Lens

If you are looking for another camera perfect for Vlogging, then you should view this Sony Alpha a6000!

It is the best Vlogging Camera with interchangeable lenses ever!

Ever since it was released, it has been the best budget camera for anybody getting into the mirrorless system and gained a high reputation in 2020.

The Sony Alpha a6000 is a game-changing camera that ended up being one of Sony’s bestselling mirrorless cameras.

With its impressive key features that include a 4k capable sensor stabilized camera with a dynamic range that is way too good!

The camera’s OLED viewfinder is amazingly sharp but definitely a good feature for using outside when recording a video. The camera also works perfectly on the auto mode! It also does not overheat while recording a video!

With Sony a6000 you can record videos at the best and highest resolution of 1920 x 1080 at 60p, 60i, 24p fps. It also features a built-in stereo microphone. Besides, the Sony Alpha a6000 provides an automatic white balance to reproduce accurate coloring.

The Sony Alpha a6000 features face detection AF where it can perfectly detect the faces and locks the autofocus automatically with the fastest speed. Additionally, it has a built-in flash that can be used to create more brightness while shooting.

Also, The Sony Alpha a6000 features built-in Wifi to allow you to transfer your photos and videos directly to your device.

The Sony Alpha a6000 is perfect for portrait photography, street photography, sports photography landscape photography and daily life photography.


  • Solid design
  • Built-in flash
  • Outstanding EVF
  • Face detection focusing
  • Remote control with smartphones


  • LCD could be better
  • No touch screen
  • No image stabilization

In a nutshell, one notable feature is that Sony Alpha A6000 enables you to customize its various buttons to control everything and suit your needs!


5. Canon EOS 80D – Best DSLR for Vlogging


Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR Kit with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 is STM Lens (US Model, Black)

Ever wished to discover the best DSLR for Vlogging? Canon EOS 80D is all you wish for! With a weather-resistant body to protect while taking photos or recording videos with less worry about the weather to make the best use of it in a various range of situations.

Canon EOS 80D is an enthusiast-level DSLR thanks to its 1/8,000th of a second shutter speed. It has some noteworthy key features including a new 24-million-pixel sensor along with a Digic 6 processing engine.

It has a quick menu providing a fast route to the most commonly used features. It also has a built-in Wifi for easily transferring images and videos to your device.

To take a further step, Canon introduced continuous autofocus in live view modes.

Although Canon EOS 80D does not feature 4k videos, but it provides photographers to shoot a full HD in the MP4 or MOV file formats displaying brilliant results.

The Canon EOS 80D provides an impressive high resolution to revolve little details. Its Flicker mode adjusts shutter release to timing to avoid light issues. It has an improved dual pixel for smooth and fast autofocus.

The Canon EOS 80D is an excellent choice for both amateurs and professional photographers. It is well-differentiated from the Canon EOS 70D which is way too impressive! It is amazing how Canon improved and added features to this 80D to make an outstanding camera!


  • Fast and Effective AF system
  • 100% viewfinder coverage
  • Outstanding screen
  • Amazing autofocus
  • Capture all details
  • Competent all-rounder


  • Does not support 4k videos

To put this into context, Canon EOS 80D is a perfect choice for enthusiast photographers. Thanks to its high-quality sensor that captures an excellent level of detail and for videos, it is a perfect video camera with a variable speed AF system!

In conclusion, there are plenty of good Vlogging Cameras for 2020, and some of them are really exceptional. Choosing among these various options is totally up to everyone’s needs and budget. But all of the Vlogging Cameras that I have mentioned in this article are actually a good choice.


My personal choice – Why I like the Panasonic Lumix GH5?

Personally, as a hobby photographer, my choice as the best vlogging camera in 2020 is definitely the Panasonic Lumix GH5 because it has an all in one solution for almost everything that I would ever need.

Which one will you choose?

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