DSLR vs Point and Shoot Cameras

  • By: John Lochert
  • Date: July 31, 2021
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Photography is the best way to capture a memory and get a physical presence of a particular moment of life. You need the right camera to capture your moment with all the details and a clear view of the action. When you try to choose a camera for yourself, a confusion works, if you should go with a DSLR vs Point and Shoot! Although the DSLR cameras are becoming more affordable, there are still reasons that push you for Point and Shoot cameras. With this dilemma in action, we are going to point out the advantages and the disadvantages of both options.

What are DSLR Cameras?

DSLR is the acronym for Digital Single-lens Reflex Camera, which has the Digital before the previously-known SLR. A DSLR comes with a combination of the mechanisms and optical system of SLRs and a digital image sensor. It’s customizable in a lot of ways, which makes it unbeatable in versatility and high-quality imaging capability. All the professional photographers have at least one DSLR and some interchangeable lenses to do their job.

How does it work?

A DSLR camera’s body comes with a mirror inside that reflects the light coming from the subject through the lens. The reflection is shown on the viewfinder using a Panta Prism above the mirror. Once you push in the shutter button, the mirror flips out of the way of the imaging sensor. One it’s open, the light from the lens goes inside on the imaging sensor and imprints the image you took. With a DSLR, you can control this shutter, how long it will be open to the lens for light. You can control how much light you want to have in the imprinted image.

Advantages of a DSLR

The DSLRs have tons of benefits considering all the features we want in a photography machine, such as:

Interchangeable lenses

The biggest advantage of getting a DSLR is that you can change the lens at any time. The DSLR depends on how good the lens you are using as it plays a big role. You can manipulate the final output by using the right lens

Image quality

Depending on the body and the lens you are using, you can take a very high-quality image using a DSLR. The only limitation is your imagination and skill when it comes to capturing quality images.

Low-light photography

DSLRs perform great in low-light conditions because you have full control over the ISO, shutter speed, and Aperture. These functions, combined with the right lens, can shot high-res low-light photos.


When you play with the settings in a DSLR, you will be able to customize pretty much everything to manipulate the final image.

Focus and Shutter speed

A DSLR will give you both auto and manual focus options, and shutter speed is also fully adjustable for an outstanding bokeh.

Optical viewfinder

DSLRs have optical viewfinders that give you an idea of how the final image is going to be, how and when you want to take the shoot.

Disadvantages of a DSLR

With the advantages of DSLRs, there are some tradeoffs as well! They come with some drawbacks, such as:


The biggest drawback of DSLRs is the price point they come with. Although the DSLRs are getting cheaper, if you want to do very high-res pro photography, you need a huge investment.

Too many accessories

A DSLR, even for personal use, needs too many accessories, like an extra lens, a flash unit, an extra battery, a carry bag.

Heavy and bulky

A DSLR is heavier and bulkier than a Point and Shoot, if you are on a trip, handling the camera isn’t a thing you want.

Hard to master

It’s like getting a Ph.D. if you want to master all the possibilities and settings in a DSLR.

Maintenance and care

DSLRs need a lot of maintenance and care to perform their best. They even get fungus if not maintained correctly.

What are Point and Shoot Cameras?

The Point and Shoot camera speak for its name. You point the camera towards something and press the shutter; the camera will capture whatever it has in front. They come with autofocus, auto shutter, stationary Aperture, and built-in lens to make your photography hassle-less. They are much simpler to use, compared to DSLRs. Almost every person use a point and shoot camera in their lifetime for family photography, or daily life photo capturing.

Advantages of a Point and Shoot

Point and Shoot cameras are mainly for personal photography. If you can get the best point and shoot camera in your budget, you have plenty of advantages, such as:

Price point

The biggest advantage of a Point and Shoot camera is its price point, it’s inexpensive, compared to DSLRs.

Compact size

Point & Shoot cameras come with a very compact size, compared to DSLRs. They just fit in your palm, and they weigh much less than DSLRs as well.

Easy to use

Point and shoot cameras come with built-in lenses that you cannot change; they have autofocus, auto aperture. All you do is point the camera and press the shutter!

Less learning curve

There is not much to learn with Point and shoot as they don’t have much to customize. Everything is automated in a Point and shoot, so you have nothing to worry about.

Disadvantages of a Point and Shoot

Drawbacks of Point and Shoot come in when you need a professional photograph, such as:

Low image quality

Comparing with DSLRs, a Point and Shoot captures low-quality photos, which is a big drawback for professionals.

Low-light performance

You won’t have a great performance from a point and shoot camera if you don’t have a good light condition.

Limited controllability

You cannot control the camera in so many ways, like the Aperture, ISO, and so on. However, you can find some extra controllability if you get a good-quality Point and shoot camera.

Limited shutter speed and focus

The shutter speed and the focus is fixed with a point and shoot most of the time unless you get an expensive and great point and shoot camera.


Considering the advantages and disadvantages of DSLRs and the Point & Shoot cameras, the question is, which to buy? The answer is simple, if you need a professional camera with full control over everything, go for a DSLR. If you’re getting it for casual family photography, or maybe a trip to go on with, a compact Point and Shoot will make it easy.

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