Panasonic GH5s Review

Panasonic GH5s Review: The rumors have been flying around Panasonic and it has its fair share; it is said that Panasonic will release a new camera specifically designed with low light shooting in mind.

This is enough to blow our minds for sure. It has been a few years since Panasonic introduced an interchangeable lens camera with a 12 Mp sensor, but it is possible we could see a return to that pixel count.

In this Panasonic GH5s review, we will list down all its possible features and future specifications.

Panasonic GH5s Review

Let’s kick off this Panasonic GH5s review with the sensor, Panasonic stepped up from a 16.05 Mp Four Thirds type sensor in the GH4 to a 20.3Mp chip of the same size in the GH5.

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It is possible that the company will drop back to a 16 Mp sensor for the GH5S, it is most certainly has something with an even lower pixel count that still enables 4K video.

The reason for the low pixel count is to enable the pixel to be made larger than on the GH5’s sensor and thus enable to gather more light; more light means a stronger imagining signal and therefore less noise at high sensitivity (ISO) settings.

The GH5s will obtain the majority of the video functionality of the GH5, including the 4K (4096×2160) 4:2:2 10-bit 400 Mbps all-Intra and 4K anamorphic 4:2:2 10-bit 400 Mbps, all-Intra capability with De-squeeze assist viewing mode.

The GH5 has a sensitivity range of ISO 200-25,600, it is expandable to 100-25,600 for stills, and ISO 200-12,800 expandable to 100-25,600 for video option. We most certainly be expecting some improvements to the sensitivity.

When it comes to AutoFocus, Panasonic uses contrast detection for autofocusing, and this relies on the signal from the imaging sensor to drive it.

The initial shooting with a production sample indicates that it has the best AF system that Panasonic has produced to date.

If that capability can be harnessed with a comparatively low-resolution sensor that produces cleaner images at high sensitivity (ISO) settings, it could prove very fast, and effective in low light.

There also might be some additional control over the speed of the autofocusing to enable, smooth, steady adjustment during video shooting.

The Panasonic GH5S is rumored to have Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi: 802.11a, along with an excellent LCD touchscreen: 3.2″. It also features a two memory card slots, HDMI Type A / USB 3.1, and lastly, a dust-proof and splash-proof body design.

That’s all for our Panasonic GH5s review, let’s hope for the best!

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