Sony Alpha A7 III Review

Sony Alpha A7 III review: Sony is a well known manufacturing company that definitely obtained a good reputation for itself over the years, especially in the camera department.

The rumors are flying around but one thing for sure is that Sony is coming back and stronger than ever.

Introducing a new section to their massive family; the Sony Alpha A7 III, it is with no doubt will snatch all sights on it. In this Sony Alpha A7 III review, we will discuss all its glamorous features that will soon to be released.

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Sony Alpha A7 III Review

The new model is said to be a major update and improve for its previous version the Sony Alpha A7 II, and for it to take benefit of some features from some flowing technology from the Sony Alpha A9, combining those together will result a superb outcome.

Let’s start this Sony Alpha A7 III review by saying that this model will be a dashing extent to the full frame mirrorless camera industry; with its excellent 24 MP sensor, and the BIONZ X image processor. This will unquestionably mean a serious speed increase as well, a speed above a 10 fps.

The new model will essentially without fail also arrive with a 4K video recording mood, a feature that Sony has strongly pushed across its entire Alpha and Cyber-shot line.

The A7 II is currently the most senior model to lack this feature, so its arrival is very much expected on an updated version.

It is conjointly expected that 4K video recording would be achieved by the same advanced video features that appear on the A7 II, such as S-Log2, and a headphone port for audio monitoring.


Other features we may very well see include a touchscreen as they make things like setting the AF point, making menu selections and setting adjustments more intuitive, it is a feature that had made its way into the recent A9 and A6500, and conceivably, we would also find an upgraded viewfinder too.

The Sony A9’s detection AF is phenomenal and it is unlikely that the Sony Alpha A7 III will have exactly the same, but it is possible that we will see a scaled-back version with fewer AF points.

This system would benefit from the faster readout speed of these sensor, helping to deliver a camera that’s better suited to shooting sport and action.

We end this Sony Alpha A7 III review with the handling, we must say that the physical control arrangement of the A7 II was spectacular.

However, we expect some adjustments such as the location of the video activation button which is located right on the corner of the body and it is almost impossible to press it without quaking the camera, so using it makes the beginning and end of your clip shaky, and the last improved adjustment would be the method of auto-focus point selection.


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